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  1. Catherine, this blog is wonderful! I found it by accident: a friend of a friend posted an entry from it on Facebook. I couldn’t stop reading the entries. Smart, funny, so much better than any FYC textbook I’ve used. I wondered who was writing these great entries, and clicked on “about.” It was you!! I’m envious. I wonder if I could write anything this good about writing. Well, I’m gonna keep trying! Meanwhile, I’ll share your blog with my colleagues in the IUPUI Writing Program. If you write enough, Pearson and McGraw-Hill are going to lose some business. Steve

  2. Hi Steve! You are so nice. I’m glad you like it and I’m glad you find it useful! Please do share with colleagues, students, whoever, just so long as they have a sense of humor. 🙂 And, hate to quibble with you, but you could absolutely write a blog. The need for different material in the FYC course is tremendous.

  3. Like Steve Fox, I also found this blog from a friend of a friend on Facebook. I love the frank and accessible advice that is given. It fills in so many gaps that our FYC textbook doesn’t fill, that now I require my FYC students to read various blog postings and respond to them on a class discussion board. Nearly all the students find the information useful and have remarked how happy they are that questions they have had for quite awhile are finally answered. A few of them have even remarked that they’ve sent links to past high school teachers to let them know what’s being taught in college.

    Next semester I hope to further incorporate your blog by having student-led class discussions on some of postings. We’ll see how it works!

  4. I’m using your lesson on how to break out of the five-paragraph composition in class tomorrow. Students are invariably indignant and lost when I tell them to break from the mold they were taught in high school, as if it were the rosetta stone for cracking the code for what makes a good essay. Frankly, I’ve been just as lost trying to get them to break free. Thanks for this excellent advice.
    Your other posts are similarly helpful and astute. I will encourage students to bookmark your blog as I have.

  5. I’m just a silly little student way too obsessed with all things writing and with making sure that every word is in its perfect little place. I just happened to stumble upon this blog at a crazy hour in the morning (while working on a paper I was too frozen with anxiety to write).

    I will be bookmarking this for sure. Reading your posts has helped me soothe my writing anxiety somewhat.

    So thank you!

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